Malini Chaudhri Ph.D   is an authorized skills knowledge provider of spa and alternative therapies. she is a technical write, with lifetime merit of global copyrights from ISTE. She is also internationally licensed in Acupuncture from WHO, China.

Her early career began as a foreign expert in South China Normal  University.  She enjoyed the development of the SEZ and began a trading company.  Meanwhile she studied laser acupuncture and traded lasers from Hong Kong.

Back in India she consulted for sports teams and developed her practise in alternative therapies with Alma Ata in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.  She conducted scientific trials on horses, and sports groups, and managed her own public clinic. She also worked for a neurosurgeon to support alternative options to surgery with sports massage, low level laser and shiatsu.

She consulted with many award winning spas, and was a Director, spa operations of a chain of palace hotel spas.  She was probated by a US financial company and acquired field skills in audits, financial planning, HR management and spa management. She also developed technical training of spa therapies.

In 2008 she successfully verified the HABIA International Qualification belonging to the UK Government, under the Crown. This was a leading standards qualification in cosmetology, spa, massage, salon, beauty and essential management competencies.

In 2010 she joined ISTE to develop  skills from India, verified for global integration. This coincided with the transformation into digitization.   Her books and community support is based on managing significant criterion for conflict resolution, quality, data control and marketing, and related aspects of new digital business growth.

She teaches her courses on Eliademy, and provides a global certificate that is Quality assures and accredited, digitally and traditionally.