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The author celebrates her entry into the self publishing industry with her Authors page on Amazon. She is a statutory author and educator, empowered by ISTE and a WHO International license in Acupuncture from China.

She is a senior academician, qualification manager(overseas) and seminarist and a futurist… “Teaching the future.” Her authors’ works are an attempt to mark developmental skills and knowledge competencies in various clinical and traditional therapies, in compliance to global standards. She has been awarded a medal by Amazon’s largest Open access site, LibraryThing.

Her title Low Level Laser therapy for Physical therapists, edited by Jan Tuner, has sold successfully worldwide from the Amazon marketplace for three successive years, and received mention in the Laser Annals.

Link to author’s page is below:

Embracing the Short form. Memoirs from the author

Roses. Crepe and Penn

The author celebrates the Short form literary journalism with contributions, and seven silver medals on Booksie.

Creative Non Fiction. A Craft Essay
Check out the link above to follow the author introducing the Short Form. The author was a professor in China of Creative Writing, and this section contributes to her involvement in writing as a fine art.

The Story behind the Shiatsu book. Inspiration essay

Read the above link to follow the authors incredible journey into the mystical east to acquire wisdom, knowledge and skill in Japanese healing arts that produced this book.

The Spa Girl

Click on the above link to read the true story about child trafficking arrangements in the spa industry that have been witnessed


I will Stop and Smell the Roses.    Crepe & Penn Litmag

I will Stop and Smell the Roses

Click on link  to read the authors memoir ……a  fascinating story on aromachology through devastating danger. This story is published on the Third Issue of Crepe & Penn litmag.


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Malini Chaudhri maintains a self funded Start UP with ISTE statutes. The digital revolution for study aids, technical books and libraries, come together in a discoverable model for skills development and careers.  The Angel List portal shows some of the traction over the years that  is consistent with the reputation of leading Influencers.

The author has book on Amazon, blogs on Goodreads, Long and short form publishing on Booksie,  data on Internet Archives, award from Library Thing, courses on Microsoft’s Eliademy and much more.

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Sakura, a Japanese publishing house discusses Authors Digital Enterprise with Malini Chaudhri, her book on the scope of the new internet of 2017 for business, money and self publishing.

This book is readable on Internet Archives. It can also be purchased on Amazon.

The authors blog on Goodreads contributes posts that are based on subjects in this book.

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