Books by the author 




Book Giveaways- Sweet dreams are made of these.

Authors can boost sales, promotions, reviews, ranks and reputation through this dynamic support through essential sites.

Four popular channels  I know include:

1. Good reads

2. Amazon Kindle


4.  Facebook company page advertisements

Other commercial social media sites as Instagram, Twitter,  Linkedin campaigns and similar may be tried.

A book giveaway is essential to the authors culture and boosts reader support. Authors may arrange Giveaways for communities, libraries,  genre groups,  author support sites, reviewer sites, news media sites and  for business packaging.

This arrangement brings the author and the book in. The author can arrive and gain recognition. The authors stereotyped image that trends in a marketplace only for monetary rewards is changed and the persona develops added social  attraction.

Giveaways can be arranged via book launches, prizes, brand affiliation and other connecting systems common to business.

All authors need to work hard to boost.

Doomsday has not arrived. Giveaway day has.