Authors interview sample

8e0b999d13 The Authors Interview is a traditional feature that accompanies books.  The Writers World knows the great achievement of the author to complete and market his book. He has many insider stories to share to boost public interest. Every author must seek interviewers to publish his interview and gather engagement.  In case the interview interests readers  and prompts a purchase, the author should remember to give a book link.

Also remember that this is an added means to boost the SEO for the book, acquire Alexa ranks, Amazon author ranks and a readership.  The overall engagement and support gives the author his true public profile.

Where authors do not have someone to interview them, they can manage their own authors interview on Smashwords.

Other sites that give interviews are Writers Community Blog, Kylie’s lifestyle Show (for women),  and Sakura, a Japanese publishing house. Sometimes Word Harbour presents a book blurb. offers a boosted book description in which the author can narrate insider issues that confronted the development. New sites publishing authors include Allauthor (paid site). Others worth trying are BookGoodies    Interviews With Writers      My Book Place .

Others can be located through blog searches, Fiverr, and free lancer sites, writers guilds and communities paid membership in-house programs.

The Interviewer and author must find means to share their interviews and ensure engagement. It is through the interview that the authors spotlight is visible so that critics can recognize bestsellers and change the destiny of the author life and book. New writers search authors interviews to identify styles and find inspiration.

Authors interviews make the author special, as critics and readers experience their craft, their wit, their way and their twist of phrase… continually surprising … continually engaging.